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Tumbling Skills

Each athlete learns differently because of physical and mental capacities. I use body awareness progressions to teach each skill from a handstand to a standing full. Click the picture above for videos. Click the red button above to schedule any type of lesson or class.

Stunting Skills

Partner stunts, group stunts, and team pyramids all start from a foundation of straight body position. Learn my progressions either one-on-one or with a team so you can reach your full potential. Request time with the Stunt Doctor before the schedule fills up.


Creativity is challenged in getting from point "A" to point "B" in the most efficient way possible. We have 4 points of focus: rolling, climbing, jumping, and balance. Each class is concluded with a timed obstacle course. 

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Accomplish skills quicker by training smarter. I have routines for flyers, bases, tumblers, and teams. They range from 2m:30s competition conditioning to 4-minute Cheer Tabata Intervals, to 30-minute full workout routines. This includes flexibility for flyers and jumpers. Contact me now to buy online or in person.



Partner Acro

A combination of body awareness exercises and partner balance skills. Listen to music, try new things, laugh with new friends, and sometimes go out after to socialize.


I have been a College Athlete, World's Athlete, Div. I Coach, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Click the "Contact" link to learn more!



I also produce highlight videos of your athlete like the ones on this site! Please ask for pricing.

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